Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions are a great way to open your eyes & instantly get thicker, longer, darker lashes. The extensions are adhered one by one to your natural eyelash with a strong, black medical grade adhesive. The length & thickness are based on each client to custom fit your desired look. The lashes will last indefinitely with routine fills & proper care. The lashes are water resistant so you can exercise, swim, & shower worry free. The application process is relaxing & painless. Plus, you'll save time since Mascara is no longer necessary. Some clients even enjoy a little beauty sleep & wake up to thick, dark, long lashes! It takes about 2 hours for a Full Set & Fills take 30 or 60 minutes. Fills are typically needed every 2 weeks to replace lashes that shed during the natural eyelash shedding cycle. And at Eyelash Envy we never charge by the lash.


Lash Stylist

Full Set (2 hours)- $165*

Fill (1hour)- $40 recommended every 2 weeks 

Weekly Fill (30 minutes)- $27


 Master Stylist

Full Set (2hours)- $195*

 Fill (1hour)- $48 recommended every 2 weeks 

Weekly Fill (30 minutes)- $30


 *Returning Client Full Set - $112


"The lash extensions bring youth back to my face." - Donna T., 47