Wake up with perfectly applied make-up every day! Anyone who wants to improve their appearance & have the convenience of Lip Color, Eyebrows & Eyeliner that won't rub off, smudge or smear can enjoy the benefits of Micropigmentation. Read the FAQ Page for more info.

  • Great Brows! Will define your face! Your expressions, mood & your age are conveyed through your brows.
  • Lips Say It All! No more smudged lipstick with permanent cosmetic lip color! You can have defined lips with fresh color for a finished look all day, every day!
  • The Easiest Eyeliner! Wake up every morning with a beautiful definition to your eyes.
  • Feel Terrific! When your make-up has been done by an expert with colors that are right for your skin tone & hair color!
  • Worry-free Convenience! If you are active or an athlete, permanent cosmetic tattooing gives you the freedom of no longer having to reapply the "perspiration & waterproof" make-up!
  • Fuss No More! You wont have to spend countless hours each week trying to get your make-up on straight for it just to smudge off & need to reapply later.


Find more info in the FAQ's or call us at 918.894.4400


25 Reasons to Get Permanent Make-Up

  1. You’re tired of drawing on make-up & reapplying over & over again

  2. You don’t like the way you look without make-up

  3. You can’t get your make-up on evenly

  4. You want your make-up to look more natural than what conventional cosmetics offer

  5. It comes off when sweating, swimming, exercising etc.

  6. You don’t want your make-up to smudge off throughout the day

  7. Lipstick gets on other areas (teeth, chin, cups, clothes, or other people)

  8. You want to wake up feeling & looking beautiful every day

  9. It saves time in your beauty regime/routine

  10. You don’t like traditional make-ups

  11. You don’t know how to apply make-up properly

  12. To avoid residue in the corners of your eyes, watery eye streaks, irritated eyes, or eyebrow wipes/smudges

  13. To emphasize & enhance your features – look bigger, more defined, & brighter

  14. You have poor eyesight & can’t see to get make-up on correctly

  15. You have unsteady, arthritic, or shaky hands & can’t get make-up on straight

  16. You have skin sensitivities, oily skin or are allergic to traditional cosmetics

  17. You don’t know the right colors for your skin tone

  18. It saves money on traditional make-up

  19. You have thin brows or lost your brows, due to alopecia, over tweezing, or chemotherapy, etc.

  20. To enhance eyes that look tired due to age, illness, or something else

  21. To enhance lips that have faded as you aged

  22. To cover or blend a scar

  23. You’re tired of constantly having to reapply make-up

  24. You have eye allergies or wear contact lenses

  25. To correct asymmetrical facial features