Eyeliner   $395

Eyelash Enhancement   $195

Eyebrows   $495

Lip Color   $545

*Prices vary for previously tattooed make-up

Touch-Ups: "Micropigmentation is an art, not an exact science". Permanent Make-up is a multi-step process & usually requires a Touch-Up to perfect the application.  Each clients skin is very different & some will retain color better than others. Fine details, additional color depth, & design adjustments are easily made after the initial healing is complete. Touch-ups are needed 30- 90 days after the initial procedure to ensure optimal results. One Touch-Up is included with the Permanent Make-Up Enhancement. Each subsequent Touch-Up/ Maintenance Color Refresher is offered at a reduced price as a returning client.*


Maintenance Color Refreshers: At some point in time, usually several years after the initial procedure, clients will want to refresh the color or may want to make a change. There are many factors that affect the pristine appearance of the permanent make-up. A few key things that affect how quickly the permanent make-up will fade are sun exposure, medications, changes in health conditions, use of anti-aging products & hormonal changes as we age. The amount of time between Maintenance Color Refreshers also varies depending on the location of the permanent make-up & color used. The Color Refreshers are offered at a reduced price as a returning client & are typically needed anywhere from one to eight years.


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